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We here at Margarita Marketing believe that Marketing is an extremely powerful tool which is the key for Growth in your Business. If your Marketing is done just right, Sales will flow in your Business like nothing else! We also know that Marketing can be a pain in the A… – And finding the right Agency is almost as difficult as choosing your lifetime-partner. But if you finally found it, you feel empowered, secure and you just know that 

everything will be allright. And we want to be exactly that! Your Companion, your Co-Star, your Partner in Crime – Which always finds the best possible Strategies and Solutions for you and brings you lots and lots of new customers . And we love finding new customers, almost as much as we love seeing your surprised face when you get our extremely low bills because we are based in Venezuela, founded by a german and a local.

A full range of every Marketing Channel possible

Why choose us?

We love & know what we do!

High Quality Standards

Our Team produces only top Quality Marketing Material for your Brand.

Leading Experts

We have Experts for EVERY Channel you would like to have your Brand on.

Complex Solutions

Doesn't Work - Doesn't exist! We will always find a Solution.

Flexible Prices

Benefit from our cheap prices because we're based in Venezuela.


Connect your Brand to your Clients

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Branding is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any business. It tells customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors.



We help your Business with our large Experiences in hundreds of different types of Companies. We got Experts from Europe which will boost your Organization to the next Level.


Social Media Content

We develop unique engaging brand content marketing that builds awareness, raises your followercount and generates Sales, as well as setting the foundation for a customerbase.



We develop beautiful, stunning fast, conversion-driven Websites which will make your competitor extremely envy. Everything for incredible low prices based on our location.

Strategy Planning

Strategy Planning

Where do you want to go with your business? Where will you be in 6, 12 or 24 Months? How can your Marketing support reaching these goals? We will answer these and more questions!

Let's discuss your case today!

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Our portfolio speaks better than words!

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Meet our smart & creative guys

Meet the people which are gonna skyrocket your Business to the Moon.

Our Expertises are pourn together carefully to create a service which will absolutely blow your mind. We love what we do, and you will experience it.

Tim Stern

I'm sure that everyone who is not heavily investing in his Marketing in the early 2020's will be erased from the Market quickly. Give your Marketing to professionals and enjoy your Success.

Gabriela Fernández

I believe that within each one of us there is a great potential and an incredible capacity to change the world - which we sometimes are unaware of. When we discover those capabilities and learn to use them in the best way, united we are unstoppable.

How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!


First Contact

In our first Meeting, we will get to know each other, have an idea about what exactly is your business and what you are doing.


Discussion & Planning

We discuss together how your Marketing can help your Business grow and how or if we can help you with our solutions.


Final Strategy

We will develop your perfect Marketing Strategy, including the perfect tailormade solution for you.



The Strategy is set, the plans are made - It's time to start Step 4 - Implementation. We will execute the Strategy we made together.



We will regularly check and control how our Strategy is doing in your Business, how it's performing and how your clients are reacting.



We will frequently check the results of our strategy for your Business to make sure we can celebrate together - Forever!

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